Springerle Presses

25 Pictures
4 Diamonds
Two Victorian baskets, a bouquet and a fancy fleur de lis for a tea party....
4 Round Pictures

Each picture is beautifully designed and executed for deep prints. Actual...

Bold Images
Ten of the best images from our Showstopper rolling pin. Boldly graphic...
Coffee Break
Four cups are better than one! Hospitable cup with pouf of steam makes a deep...
Diamond Gems
"Rare and precious little diamonds are totally captivating. The Swiss shield...
Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock
Family Life
Captivating scenes of home are deep for super cookies! Hard to pick a...
Four Seasons
"Quite beautiful for both display and use. Entwined in its center swirling...
Holiday Delights
Six holiday motifs for your Springerle baking in a perfect eating size! This...
Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock
Life of Christ
This mold makes wonderful, crisply printed cookies with three Christmas...
Mixed Motifs
This mold has it all - wonderful pictures combining depth and fine detailing...
Four artistic and striking designs for stylish cookies or papercastings. All...
Petite Fancies
Twelve tiny images for confections or small cookies. Overall size is 3 5/8 x...

Actual Size: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Rustic Victorian Flat
You have been asking and so here it is: a flat Rustic Victorian board for...
Simple Charms

Elements of a pleasant life... baby animals, fruit, flowers and music....

Simpler Times
Simpler Times


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