A Tisket A Tasket
Three simple and quaint carvings make adorable designs for your speculaas...
Cluck and Crow
Chickens and roosters are common Speculaas images, charmingly carved...
Cheery rooster with artistic flair!

Actual Size: 2 7/8" x 3 1/2"

Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock
Flower Bed
Three simply designed, deeply carved Speculaas. Excellent value for 3...
Fruit Duet
Deeply carved Speculaas mold with two simple and crisp fruits.

Actual Size:...

Primitive Adam and Eve
Complete with respective fig leafs! Both bold and detailed - wunderbar!...
Punch & Judy
Two humorous and charismatic Speculaas images.

Actual Size: 4 1/4" x 4...

Radiant Madonna
Rich arched border surrounds Madonna. Medieval pilgramage sites and...
Richly carved and deep, this mold was originally for Speculaas, with "blanks"...
Ride 'em Pony
Charming and fun Speculaas cookies or papercast decorations.

Actual Size:...

Speculaas Santa
Traditional European Speculaas Santa. Slip him into a cellophane bag and tie...
Village Mill
Make your own windmill cookies with this mold. This Old World image will...
Windmill - Speculaas recipe included
You've been asking, so here it is - a windmill, speculaas mold typical of the...


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