Adam and Eve Heart
First couple is right for weddings or Christmas. Dec 24th is Adam & Eve Day,...
Beautifully depicted version of the angel's announcement of the coming...
Bible Stories
This magnificent mold resides in the Wurttembergishe Museum in Stuttgart....
Complete 1654 Nativity
Fabulous border of domesticated animals and garden products and beautifully...
Flight to Egypt Rectangular
Unusual floral border, rich detail, design and dimensional carving make...
Glory be to God
Repeating the angels' message to the shepherds "Glory to God in the Highest"...
Good Shepherd
"Der Gutehirt" - A part of Handel's Messiah is the aria, "He shall feed his...
Life of Christ
This mold makes wonderful, crisply printed cookies with three Christmas...
Madonna Portal
Stunningly beautiful and dimensional mold taken from a 13th or 14th Century...
Martin Luther Seal
From a medal commemorating Luther. Thought to be struck during the reformers...
Among the Greek and Russian Orthodox, yeast leavened bread for holy communion...
Round Adam and Eve
Richly detailed account of the fall from Genesis. Adam takes the apple from...
Small Nativity and Flight to Egypt
Classic Christmas design makes two 1 3/4" by 2" cookies with charming...
Spectacular Nativity
So named because it's the deepest, most spectacular Nativity we've ever seen...
St. Cecilia
"The patron saint of musicians, derived from a 19th century iron plaque in a...
St. Martin
"A wondeful, dimensional, German depiction of the famous episode when Martin...
Star of David

Star of David
3 1/8 x 3 3/8 inches
Carved by Vince Marine



Dec. 11, 2010:
NBC 5 Chicago ›

Nov. 27, 2010:
ABC 7 News Saturday Morning ›


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