Animal Kingdom

Activist Ox
Baroque Owl
Incredibly dimensional cookies are impressive. You may want to accent the...
Bear Climbing Tree
"Swiss bear, nicely etched, probably 19th Century."

Actual Size: 2 1/2" x...

Berne Bear
The walking bear is the symbol of Berne, Switzerland's capitol, and all over...
Berne Bears
"The walking bear is the symbol of Bern, Switzerland's capital, and all over...
Bird on Branch
Appealing mold carved about 150 years ago by a prolific carver with an...
A lighthearted and fun to eat cookie. Bold enough fro shortbread cookies. The...
Bunny Patch
Spring favorite for children. Multiple board saves time. Each cookie is 1...
For the cat lover! This feline proudly curls her tail. Fine details make this...
Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock
Cat and Bird
The bird seems to be taunting the cat FROM his safe perch.

Actual Size: 1...

Cat Family
Mama cat carries one kitten in her mouth - endearing!

Actual Size: 3" x 2...

Catty Cat
3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches
Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock
Christmas Donkey
All loaded up for holiday deliveries. Excellent prints!

Actual Size: 2 3/8"...

Detailed Bunny
Well-named, prints well with every hair visible.

Actual Size: 2 5/8" x 2...

A real quacker, great depth!

Actual Size: 2" x 2"

This hard to find elephant mold casts beautifully! He is adorned with a...
"Carved in 1860 by a Zurich master, Brenwald. The side saddle figure...
Fly By Bird
Depicting the search for nesting materials, this mold is the classic symbol...
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