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I became the Springerle baker in my family when my grandmother, Nini, was no longer able to make the cookies that we all anticipated eagerly every holiday season. It was difficult locating a rolling pin or press and supplies. An extensive search finally yielded a machine carved rolling pin, made in China. A local independently owned drug store could supply the key ingredients, hartshorn and anise oil. A Springerle baker blossomed! My parents, brothers, aunts and cousins clamored for Springerle every year and I happily obliged them.

In 1993 I submitted my grandmother’s Springerle recipe to the Chicago Tribune’s annual cookie baking contest and found myself as one of the happy winners that year. After reading the article, Caroline Kallas, the owner of House on the Hill, saw the article and contacted me. She invited me to come to Lombard and see the cookie molds she sold. I was hooked! I became an avid customer and soon came to love the molds as much as the cookies.

Caroline tried my recipe and it then became the “Perfection Springerle” recipe that she promoted in her printed material. I learned from her very vast knowledge of both molded cookies and the molds used to form those cookies. I added to my collection of molds every year, agonizing over my choices, as I wanted them all. She also carried the increasingly hard to find specialty ingredients that I could no longer buy at my drug store.

In 1999, Caroline died, having owned, operated and grown House on the Hill as a labor of love and dedication to her passion for Springerle cookies and cookie molds. My husband, Steve, and I bought House on the Hill from Caroline’s husband, Bill Kallas, in 2002 and continue the tradition of Springerle baking for our families and yours.

I, too, have become passionate about all things Springerle! Nothing pleases me more than sharing my knowledge and information about cookies and how to bake them.

About our cookie molds

House on the Hill cookie molds allow all of us to bake beautiful cookies that are reminiscent of family, history, tradition and culture. Many of the original molds are “presses,” now in museums and private collections, were carved in clay, wood or metal and are as old as 500 years. The “picture” cookies cast from these molds were used to tell stories visually when most people were unable to read or write. They celebrate weddings, births, victories, and holidays. Today contemporary methods have enabled us to replicate these historic molds and produce copies for your enjoyment and use.

  • Made in the USA
  • Individually hand cast and hand finished
  • Made of resin and wood composite

House on the Hill cookie molds are made of a resin and wood composite. Each mold is individually hand cast and carefully hand finished. Most of our molds are replicas of antique carvings, some dating as far back as the 1600’s. Since the original carvings had imperfections such as surface cracks and worm holes, our replicas will mimic these characteristics which are not flaws. They add a sense of authenticity and charm to our cookie molds.

House on the Hill is now designing cookie molds in a traditional style.

Baking, creating and decorating

Besides baking cookies, you can form beautiful, edible, sweets using marzipan, fondant and modeling chocolate. Crafters, artisans and scrapbookers will find infinite ways of creating cards, wall art, gift bags, ornaments, and charms with House on the Hill cookie molds. Beautiful as decorating accessories, the cookie molds can be hung on a wall, displayed on a plate rack or table top easel.


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